3 Questions To A Better Wardrobe

Fashion is awesome. It’s creative, it makes me feel good and I’m always looking for new inspiration. However, managing a personal wardrobe can quickly become a lot of work. Aquiring new items, cataloging and rotating the items I have is a big task. But with a few questions and little bit of tenacity, a wardrobe is simple to manage. Find out how to keep a grip on your own closet below!

Image courtesy of free stocks via unsplash

First off, it’s a wise idea to have at least a week’s worth of warm weather and cold weather clothing. But even this idea is open to variables depending on the regional weather where you live. What we need to ask is how often will I wear this? Some items may be appropriate for every season, like denim. If you’re looking for specifics, spring and summer tops can include short sleeves, tank tops or strapless styles. Include a skirt or dress if you like. For fall and winter, long sleeve henleys or polos, sweaters and a quality coat are good options. Consider the materials you wear as well. Of course, an open toe sandal is better in warm temperatures, but close toed sneakers or loafers are a year round choice.

Referring back to our wardrobe essentials guide, once you have your basics covered, review how many tops, pants, dresses, underwear and even shoes you can add or remove from your closet. I think there has been frustration with the idea of an essentials only wardrobe. I see it as building blocks to fashionable options. You shouldn’t feel limited to ‘x’ amount of items. But knowing you already have a great white tee that fits your taste and budget can help you on future shopping trips to avoid getting the upteenth t-shirt, because. Does that make sense? It’s still nice to have variety and there may even be a handful of items that don’t get worn as often, but can still occupy your coveted closet space. And experimenting with trends isn’t a mistake! Try something out for a season if you like it. Flex your creativity and play with your style, you always have the basics to fall back on.

So, now that we’ve got our seasonal wardrobe set, we know how often it will be worn, daily, seasonally or special occasion. Next we should consider how often it will need washed.

photo courtesy of charles deluvio via unsplash

The elephant in the room with fashion is how to properly care for our clothing. I actually enjoy doing laundry. Its a methodical process and caring for my beloved items is important to me. But it can become a chore if it piles up. So considering how often you are comfortable with doing a load of laundry or washing a certain item of clothing can be a good tool in wardrobe management. Some items need to be washed after each time it’s worn, some only need to be washed once a season. Some need to be dry cleaned! So how often does what need washed? I am working on another post about when to wash clothing that can be a time saver, so make sure to tune back in for that!

Finally, ask, do I have space for this?
If I include window shopping, I probably shop once a week. Sometimes I’m just seeing if a trending items is available at a lot of stores, sometimes I’m looking for the perfect pair of pants. Other times I’m just on the hunt for a good fabric to make it myself. However the best “rule” I try to follow is if a new top new makes its way into my closet, an old top is donated. It keeps my closet from overflowing and feels good to give gently, or hardly, used items to someone who needs it, instead of clogging up a landfill.

Keeping these notes in mind about how often we wear our clothes, how often we like to do laundry, and what we have space for, we’ve figured out what works best for us. That makes our lives simpler, who wouldn’t want that?

Adidas is not a sponsor of this blog and all opinions are my own.

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