Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 Pt. 3

There are always unforgettable fashion moments at Paris Fashion Week. After a whirlwind month there is a plethora of fashion to love, hate or style just right. I know I have been inspired by many different brands that will keep me preoccupied until the next season, maybe even longer than that! Check out the final piece of my Paris review and of fashion month.

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I really just adored the materials and trendsetting silhouettes from Sonia Rykiel. There wasn’t anything obnoxious or haphazard, just a fresh pick of graceful, fun and beautiful styles so seasonally perfect I could cry tears of joy.

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The boxy shapes at Givenchy had a pragmatism to them. The lean silhouette was captivating and sheer material was used accurately and most importantly, appropriately. I didn’t cringe when I saw it because it was used to enhance an outfits statement rather the make a gaudy one.

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Balenciaga had a heavy mix of patterns that really wasn’t to my style, but there was a lot of attitude that I appreciated. I enjoyed the lengths of the sweaters, cardigans, dresses and skirts and thought those pieces were paired well together..

Valentino had two parts to the collection- A Haute Mess and The Chicest Gowns I’ve Ever Seen. See below.

Valentino Part 1: the Haute Mess. Weird materials and oddly draped dresses left me confused in addition to  having little purpose in the collection.

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But maybe it was just a tactic to keep its audience’s attention, because it quickly turned into the chic dress collection with beautiful color palette, day wear to evening, each one had my jaw dropping to the floor. There was so much charm and edge that was very sophisticated.

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It was a pretty pink nightmare at Alexander Mcqueen. Combining Victorian ruffles with Fifties shapes complete with creepy hair out of a horror movie. Its like the old china dolls in my grandma’s attic that I wasn’t allowed to play with came alive. Everything, from the organza dresses and denim skirts was just wrong.

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Windbreakers and neon colors gave a nod to the eighties at Isabel Marant. Complete with parachute pants and joggers, but there was a modern touch that made the styles feel new and not dated. The florals were fresh and metallic colors gave an edge to an otherwise dull idea. But mixing the old with the new can be cool like so; I might just have to raid mom’s closet this holiday.

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Chanel’s runway felt like children playing dress up…and there was in fact a child on the runway. From plastic material hats gloves and coats to wool fringe shorts to an accented dress that looked like my first bike’s handle streamers, it was pretentious and unnecessary. A lot of the shapes were good and there was plenty of classic Chanel tweed sets to go around. The “extra” put into the runway was not needed and cheapened the experience. I’m particularly disappointed at some of the unctuous reviews I read about this collection. Sure it’s nice. It’s Chanel, its supposed to be nice. I don’t need groundbreaking every season, but I expect a level of sophistication that I either completely missed or I just don’t know fashion.

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The constructed and occasionally flamboyant motif from Louis Vuitton was refreshing. Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière said, “I thought anachronism was interesting. How today can we incorporate pieces considered as costume into an everyday wardrobe?” I thought it was a fun concept giving simple looks a classy edge, while formal, dressier pieces had an ease about them. I liked the reminder to experiment and that fashion is what we want it to be.

photos courtesy of WWD

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