Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 Pt.2

As we begin the second part into our adventure of Paris Fashion Week, I am struck by the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. As is often the fact when you visit incredible museums such as the Louvre, you see works of art that just take your breath away, and occasionally you see the piece that leaves you scratching your head wondering what the artist was trying for. The following designers had some of both. There were wonderful pieces and some that just left me scratching my head. Take a look and see if you agree. Here are more hits and misses from Paris Fashion Week.


My question of Ann Demeulemeester’s runway is how, where and why would I wear such ill constructed flimsy clothing. Just looking at these photos gives me a headache, thinking about trying to get dressed with all those ties and loops.


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Sequins, fringe and studs were all the rage at Balmain. I liked that many of the ensembles were glam daywear as opposed to strictly evening or even cocktail, though they could pass with Olivier Rousteing’s sophisticated tact. Most of the line was a black and white combination that retained its sharpness very well; probably because of all the trim and embellishments.


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Each x Other was inspired by Americana this season, I did like the bright reds, whites and blues, but I could have done without the costume-y finish of the show.


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The transitional pieces at Vanessa Seward were just simply cool. The main colors were muted, but there were styles in brighter warm shades, accented by gold or black pieces. I loved that even longer sleeves and hemlines seemed light, like you could easily add layers if you wanted to wear these pieces year round, even though they were designed with printemps (French for spring) in mind.


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I enjoyed the traditional and modest Chinese influence runway by Uma Wang. The different textures in material was very interesting. The mix of layers and tomboy colors against vivid, idyllic cinched velvet dresses with delicate flower patterns really created an striking contrast. Fancy, cozy or even brawny, whatever mood strikes, something spoke to that.


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Issey Miyake was inspired by Iceland, and the collection was stunning. Bold colors, graphic imagery of countryside, tessellation like patterns and perfect configuration of layers made for a structured and awe inspiring collection.


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The demure shape and playful colors from Lutz Huelle caught my eye. The German designer wanted the material to be weather resistant, which gave the already sensible runway a pragmatic edge. I liked the idea that the clothes are meant to be worn, and just because they have to be worn doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The minimal, high mobility designs were accented by dramatic colors and excellently placed cutouts, lace, buttons and drawstring.


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Every dress at Alexis Mabille was fancy but not overly frou frou. I thought the floral garlands the models wore in their hair were so crisp and feminine. I particularly liked them set against the darker navy colored outfits. Titled Paris Blossoms, the flouncing and laces and pleats whisked me away to a beautiful spring day.


Johnny Johansson of Acne said he admires fashion outsiders, “I see us sort of moon circling  around the fashion scene…They don’t really care about fashion the way I do and I like that energy of how they pull things together.” The boxy shapes were high fashion, but not so high fashion that you might never see someone wearing it. There was just something so low key and comfy about this collection, the fringe hem of a dress, a drawstring bag, the simplistic layers that didn’t have to be just so. It was a fun collection that I found encouraging.


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Elie Saab drew inspiration from the rainforest and the colors were mesmerizing. The python print and tropical leaf pattern were really excellent touches against bright blues, yellows and pinks. And of course there was signature sequins, delicate lace and beautiful silks in the intricately designed gowns only Elie can do. The whole collection carried a touch of playfulness and plenty of finesse.


I didn’t really understand or get a concept at Altuzarra. This didn’t really even feel like a spring collection. The pieces all had a heaviness to them, more like it was meant to be a fall collection. Its not that there was anything in particular wrong, there was plenty of nice enough attire, maybe not my style. That could be why it feels like nothing more than more clothes at fashion week.

Paris Fashion Week Part three will be posted shortly!

photos courtesy of WWD

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