Met Gala 2017

This year’s theme, which usually influences the guests, was not just a theme, but a tribute to designer Rei Kawakubo of Commes des Garcons. Founded in 1969, the brand is largely known for being rebellious to fashion norms and challenging what defines beauty, identity and gender. Ms. Kawakubo has been mentioned by many to be most influential designer of the 20th century and is the second designer to have a solo show at the Met since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983. The Japanese brand is known to be off beat and avant garde, it’s the kind of fashion that begs the question is fashion art? The history behind the theme largely impacted this year’s gala red carpet, so while at first glance many of these gowns seem weird and peculiar (and some are) a lot of them are actually kind of cool, artistically speaking.


Rhianna’s fabric swatch ensemble is completely absurd, but I did like the lace up shoes.

tracee ellis ross in commes des garcons fall 1996

Tracee Ellis Ross in Commes des Garcon Fall 1996. I thought it was a very fashionable idea to pay homage with vintage attire.

mary kate and ashley olsen

Cool layers of different fabrics are a big part of Commes des Garcons, so although these ensembles from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen don’t come off as fashionable, the individual pieces were very much so.

wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s cropped white suit jacket and cummerbund with black piping and buttons has a pop art feel to it that is fitting for the theme but otherwise tacky.

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Attire that may have been honoring Rei Kawakubo’s fashion ideals but missed the mark were Bella Hadid’s weird body suit that looked like spanx, and the pipe cleaner inspired dress worn by Cassie. Celine Dion’s disheveled, close pin clipped tee shirt dress and Chrissy Teigen’s pom pom frenzy were also poor attempts. Hailee Steinfeld, Nicki Minaj and Halle Berry’s gowns would have been much chicer with full skirts. The puffy sleeved dress worn by Kate Bosworth was a disappointment as was Kendall Jenner’s scanty, bare all garb. Draped sheer gauze over a thong bodysuit is not fashion.

katy perry maison margeila

Katy Perry is a red hot mess in Maison Margeila. lily collins

Lily Collins has had this gothic Victorian style lately that is not my favorite, but the shape and pink skirt color of this Giambatista Valli Couture is pretty and has an elegance to it.


Kerry Washington and Michael Kors in Michael Kors Collection. While Michael’s suit was tailored and sharp, I was not that impressed with Kerry’s entire dress being patchwork. The little cutouts were very strategic and added a very cool factor to the dress and the silhouette is great. However, I think if the patchwork pattern had stopped at the pentagon shape and then the bodice had the tiny stud print, it would have been a bit more streamlined and easier for the eye to follow.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s Tommy Hilfiger gown has too much going on. The color is fine, but the presentation is sloppy.  Had the tulle skirt with a slit and matching sleeves like the left of the dress all been gathered at the waistband would have been so much more fancy, not to mention just stunning, probably even best dress of the night.

I really liked Kate Hudson and Donatella Versace’s one shoulder dresses. Donatella did design Kylie Jenner’s dress and while I liked the color and appliqués, I was not a fan of the sheer or fringe.

priyanka chopra in ralph lauren

This Ralph Lauren coat dress is so obnoxious. Priyanka Chopra would have been better off just wearing a plain trench coat.

selena gomez and the weeknd

There’s nothing structurally wrong with Selena Gomez dress, but I’m not in love with the fabric or details. It looks more like lingerie than a gown.

Another gown with good shape and color, but why the floral bird print? Instead of being a glamorous Dolce and Gabbana gown, it looks like repurposed curtains. The Oscar de la Renta gown worn by Zoe Kravitz had good color, but was fabric heavy. It would have been stronger without the cape.

anna wintour in chanel

Anna Wintour in Chanel.

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These gowns did not appear to coordinate with the theme, but were still pretty, elegant and worth sharing.

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Favorites of mine were Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Lily Aldridge, Lupita N’yongo, Elizabeth Banks in Michael Kors and Karlie Kloss. This attire was modest with great color and color contrast, whimsical detailing and pattern.

So did you like the theme and the gowns that coordinated or the ones that didn’t? It was definitely an interesting concept for the gala, that I think they should do again. Its always interesting to see how different people think fashion should be, even if the idea is to ignore the dress code entirely.


Photos courtesy of too fab and daily mail

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