Product Review: Glossier

I treated myself over the holiday to a couple products from Glossier. I have seen advertisements and checked out their website before, but when I saw they had a hydrating eye cream, I decided to make a purchase. Bubblewrap is a dual eye and lip cream, with hyaluronic acid, I hoped would lighten up the, ahem, designer bags under my eyes. Its very light, yet creamy. I had a little trouble applying makeup over it, so I’d recommend application at night because its that hydrating.

These products were $70 with shipping and tax, which seemed like a reasonable price, but a discount was applied to my cart that I didn’t add. I’m not sure if it was a holiday promotion or what, but my final cost was $55. That was a pleasant surprise! I believe I also ended up with free shipping, which is always a perk. They offer a few product samples that you can add to your cart, which was a nice bonus. Delivery was pretty quick, I had a 2 day delay because of the holidays/weekend, but you can track your shipment easily through the link they provide in your confirmation.

I also got the dotcom balm trio pack. Wild berry was my favorite color. It has a sheer tint, but very moisturizing. It’s not one of those balms you have to reapply over and over. I also got mango and wild fig that smelled great. It’s like lip smackers for grownups!

The packaging is cute and tidy, everything was included in a pink ziploc bag. And their signature sticker was included. Overall, I’m satisfied with my first Glossier purchase and will buy again in the future. I’d recommend this company if you are looking for some new skincare items or makeup products. This is not sponsored content and all opinions are my own.

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