New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020

Guess what time it is? That’s right fashionistas, its fashion month! Time to brave the world of fashion as we take a look at shows from all over the globe. So many styles had my heart skipping a beat and plenty left me shaking my head. We start, as always, in New York City. From February 3 through 12, designers hosted parties and models sauntered down runways. Celebrities sat front row while photographers snapped photos of incredible street style. See some of the highlights from the swift moving event.

At the Natural History Museum, Brandon Maxwell shared everyday pieces. It was a show where the materials were the focal point, and fitted well against a rugged American backdrop. Expressive shapes created a confident, coherent voice in men’s and women’s wear. Liquid like silk, Canadian Tuxedos and cinched waists elevated classic pairings. Meanwhile, halter bias cut dresses and sporty ideas, like a satin gown paired with a fanny pack, offered a more mischievous approach to evening wear. Sheer capes (for lack of a better word), offered a breezy note to a number of denser fabrics like tortoise shell suede, alpaca, cashmere and leather. Though some felt it was out of place, I found it refreshing.

The red finale gown will be part of the museum’s upcoming exhibition, “The Nature of Color,” opening March 9, which explores the role and power of color in the natural world and in human cultures.

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Grounded, but still free to roam, Tory Burch offered one of her most romantic collections yet. Artist Francesca DiMattio designed the floral prints seen throughout the collection. Those floral printed boots are on my must-have-immediately list! Edwardian concepts were featured as well, free flowing pleated skirts and high necklines. Ruching details and cross-body bags also contributed to the nonconformist energy of the runway. One of the prettiest pieces was a chunky knit sweater vest paired with a sheer blouse. It’s bold turquoise color and unique style came across as an outfit for all season, the most charming idea of them all.

A CFDA finalist last year now has Alejandra Alonso Rojas on the catwalk. Knits, suede, leather and natural dyeing made for a cozy and personal collection. A little too much sheer didn’t fit the traditional angle we’ve come to know and love from this brand. The collection palette, however, was warm and inviting. It was easy to imagine many of the styles peppered amongst a cafe, as people relaxed on a crisp October afternoon, relishing every drop of their pumpkin spice latte.

Gabriela Hearst wants to eliminate plastic and the carbon footprint of her fashion shows. Shredded paper bales along the runway were a metaphor to her ambition. It seemed like a clever way to incorporate company resources, but was it used paper, or specifically made for the show? And we hope it was still recycled afterwards!

Getting back to the clothing, suiting got a fresh update and there were plenty of snug knits to curl up in. Coats and handbags were re-purposed from Turkish kilim remnants. Colorblock coats were even made from existing outerwear that were deconstructed and reassembled! The collection’s chunky knit scarves were hand-knit by the Manos del Uruguay collective, from the designers home country. The belted rainbow cardigan and collared eyelet button down sweater were standout pieces. Every look was paired with boots, which I also found to be a smart way to avoid waste. A few pairs of sturdy seasonal footwear are not just a smart investment for customers, but a relief to the environment as well.

Longchamp’s, a family owned business, founded in Paris, now run out of New York City and seeing a growing Asian market, is staying on its toes. It is really great to see global fashion fused together on one runway. Things can feel very divisive these days, but the art of fashion transcends beyond that. How we dress, whatever corner of the world we live in, has a powerful ability to help us find some common ground. And that is a relief to my soul.

A sweater + flowing skirts + boots formula was used prominently as our fall go-to recipe. Cinched waists added an extra nod to femininity. Fall’s favorite color, oxblood, was incorporated with a 70’s mode in cute embroidered dresses. Outerwear came in a variety, from ponchos to a single breasted, over sized leopard print fur. Cropped sweaters brought in a youthful, trendy element. As they are a staple of the brand, a range of accessories ranging from small to large, accompanied the attire for fully composed ensembles. Ready when you are.

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70s horror films, including Daughters of Darkness and Black lace, as well as Morticia Addams were named as sources of inspiration for Anna Sui. A little bit of magic, possibly even witchcraft is coming our way this fall. Custom prints, sequin details and embroideries were featured prominently under mood shifting light. Prairie dresses and Victorian elements paired divinely next to neighboring ensembles made up of leather. Bell sleeves, patchwork and luxe outerwear paired with flamboyant makeup and hairstyles elevated the spellbinding fantasy. One outfit was even paired with devil horns! This collection will leave you feeling mystical all season long.

Just don’t forget to energize your crystals by moonlight, my pretties.

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In Michael Kors we trust, because this collection was timeless. While some might prefer something more vociferous, there is power in elegance. The designer himself said, “The best clothes feel like a security blanket -when you put them on you feel like you are ready to face the world…luxury is longevity. The dress you dispose of after buying it for $12 to wear on Instagram, it’s time to move on.”

From furs to quilted parkas, wool melton cape jackets to shearling coats, you will have your choice in outerwear. Fall staples like plaid and paisley dotted the runway. A leather weave mixed with Aran cotton was a standout. It even has a matching scarf! Equestrian attire, paired with flawless riding boots, was brought in for easy going day wear, but not quite leaning into ideas of athleisure. It’s perfect for days when you must brave the chill and still plan to look good. Thank you for thinking of that, MK! Cozy and chic over sized cashmere gave the line it’s signature strength.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, eco-friendly pieces were made too! A black turtleneck smock dress is made from a recycled polyester viscose blend. It’s sequins are made from recycled plastic bottles.

I love the pattern play on the look from the left. While I like that polka dots on the one from the right, the wide shape has made my enthusiasm for mini tulle dresses short lived. Which Outfit of the Day do you prefer?

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A few other amazing styles right from the runway. What was your favorite collection from NYFW?

Images courtesy of Vogue, Elle, Fashionista and WWD

Quote from Michael Kors, WWD, 2020

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