Be In The Know: 6 Tips to Better Care For Your Clothes!

We’re continuing to talk about how to best care for our wardrobes, and that comes with how we do laundry. It’s not one of my favorite chores, but it is important to keep my clothing looking it’s best! Below are just a handful of tips and tricks that could be helpful to you. Always, always, always remember to check the labels of clothing items for best care options. Do you have a favorite laundering tip? If so, share it in comments!

1- Heat from hot water can be just as damaging as heat in the dryer. Cotton and wool in particular are prone to shrinking in the wash. Make sure you use cool water to better protect shape of items!

2- Gravity can pull and stretch some of your favorite items like sweaters or shirts because they’re hung on a hanger instead of folded in a drawer. You can look at my previous post about hanging vs. folding to see how more items can best be stored.

3- Zipper’s metal teeth can snag and pull at delicate items, so remember to zip zippers shut before putting them in through the wash. Also, denim is a sturdier fabric, so when it comes to jeans, you can wear them a few times between washes. I actually just spot clean my denim pieces unless they have a stain or I’m putting them away for a season.

4- Never lose socks again and extend life of delicate’s by investing in a mesh bag to keep them separate from everything else in your laundry!

5- Fabric softener leaves a residue that basically renders moisture wicking materials useless. This material is often found in work out gear. This can create an odor in the clothing and cause you to sweat more in the gym. Ick! Keep your work out clothes soft by using white vinegar instead! Pour 1/2 cup in the rinse cycle or in the fabric softener dispenser on the washer.

6-My favorite laundering tip to save time and use less energy can be done by adding a dry towel to your laundry load when you put it in the dryer! A friend told me this in college and I have loved her for for it ever since! It cuts a little time off of the laundry process, so you can go about wearing your fabulous wardrobe!




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