Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019

There is absolutely no shortage of fashion in Paris. People around the world look to this fashion capital for all their style advice. Events held February 25 through March 5 concluded the first fashion month of twenty nineteen with a plethora of that said style. Though it has come and gone, see some highlight moments below. And tune back in for full length show videos that will be posted soon!

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Playing with proportions and exploration are themes this season at Yves St Laurent. The polka dot tights provided a super fun textural effect paired with short hemlines, but still remained modest paired with a richly patterned bomber jacket or sleek trench. And whats that I spy? More beloved animal print? A fun fact I read  from designer Anthony Vacarello was that power shoulder pieces in the show had to be done by hand! The things we do for fashion. The show ended with cool neon looks brought to life under black lighting. A few sheer tops were snuck into the show which was a disappointment. I know it was meant to mean power to the woman in the seventies, but 50 years later women still aren’t on equal footing with men and exposure just comes across as objectification.

Designers of Aalto are breaking free of the standard. No joke, there will be floral’s, bright colors, and even all white ensembles.. for fall. And I think I’m okay with that. Season less fashions are still currently trending. Why not mix our favorite patterns and colors as well? The multi media jacket above was by far my favorite piece. The brand also partnered with Swedish company, Knitology, for organic wool pieces, which is a genius way to source sustainable materials!

Kenzo designers shared takes from their Chinese Peruvian heritage. It was such a unique collection, with rice print bag dresses, pullera skirts and waterproof ponchos. It was all set against a colorful illustrated mural background by late Pablo Armaringo that added to the kaleidoscope of color to this collection. Plus there were bags that wink that provided modern applications tying together the heritage and ethic pieces to today.

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First off, the quilted tops from Isabel Marant deserved a huge shoutout. They are so chic paired with those power shoulders. Earthy tones and paper bag pants were standout elements. The Marant woman is a wanderer, but should not be confused as timid. Sleek black pieces cinched at the waist with big western inspired belts mixed with leather made for a strong ending to a beautiful show.

Loewe’s aesthetic goal was about reduction, which technically happened. A trench coat simply paired with crisp white sneakers helped make that goal a reality. Then it got crazy, not overtly, but in the details. A poets sleeve there, a fringe skirt there, a paisley print,  pinstripes, and ponchos galore. I feel like I’m trying to write a Dr. Seuss book! Designer Jonathon Anderson, whose own line shows in London, said he was concentrating on stripping away noise, which I don’t think was accomplished. Is something simple if feather trim is involved? Doubtful. Nevertheless I did like it. There were clean silhouettes with playfulness and an intriguing palette. So much for tame, better luck next season!

Nina Ricci started in elegant Parisian fashion, entirely colorless, in a palette of black white and beige. As I prepared to witness a snooze fest, the runway did a 180 turn and received a wonderfully timed splash of color. The notion was brought about by way of maillots, forecasted trend bucket hats and a pretty shade of dandelion yellow silk.

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Who has more fun than Elie Saab? The answer is no one. There was a lot of drama, starting with exquisite monochrome pieces in blue, burgundy, green and black. Ranging from day wear to evening attire with unctuous pieces in wild print, velvet, lace and pretty sequins still following the noted hues. The show ended forcefully in layered looks of black and red that you couldn’t look bad in if you tried.

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Balenciaga stripped back its background, which was in stark contrast to the last few seasons. Minimal elocution was the message ringing true. The cocoon coats struck me as odd, but not unwearable. This was six months of fashion laid out for the Balenciaga customer, as Demna Gvasalia is doing away with precollections. Inspired by Paris itself, and meant for any day or time, left each piece open to interpretation. It moves and works with you, which was a pretty cool statement.

It’s crazy when something is nice, and that doesn’t seem to cut it. That unfortunately seemed to be the case for Beautiful People. The cousin It looking jacket was a stand out, for appearing so out of place, and the rest of the collection was solemn. Either pieces didn’t go together or left no lasting impression.

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Alexander McQueen showed tailored suits and fluffy frocks. There were flower petals manipulated into the fabrics that added a fun whimsical touch to the collection. Remnants and industrial materials made up an upcycled portion of the show that I thought was well executed and beautiful. This was meant to show the balance of tradition and culture of the English countryside. Did you know that in 18th century England men referred to things that were fashionable as macaroni? I say we bring it back!

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Obviously one of the biggest shows this season was the final collection from Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Karl passed away February 19, but his legacy will last forever. This was a stunning collection, perfectly displaying his insight into the world of fashion. The hound-sooth mixed with classic Chanel tweed suits were an excellent start. Coats came in a variation of style, be it full length or cropped, parka or bomber. Gorgeous fair isle sweaters and skirts were paired together by neutral shades, but color was not eliminated from the runway. Purples, pinks, bright blue and red were paired with furry snow boots and logo accessories. It ended in angelic whites in true form to the brand and to the man. Feminine and pragmatic, Karl created some of his best work for this season and we will always cherish his beautiful mind and impact to the industry.

I would love to hear your thoughts about bucket hats! These are some styles from Dior, Loewe and Valentino. Do you love or hate this trend? Leave your responses in comments.

Images courtesy of Vogue

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