New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019

Hooray its Fashion Month! Starting always in NYC, shows were held February 7-15. There were some new faces on the scene and longtime favorites. I’m always excited to see what different brands want to share, what inspired them and their game plan for the new season. Take a look at some highlights below, and as always tune back in to see full length videos of the shows!

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The premier cocktail and gown company, (Pamella Roland’s words and I agree) whisked the upcoming season away in crystals, pearls, beading and feathers that guarantee party worthy attire. I loved the deep shades of plum and red that were used against black and white frocks. And I couldn’t get enough of the sharp silhouettes or sheer overlay jackets.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s mix and match runway was a treat. What she called “handpicked dressing” allowed room for experimentation, and a challenge to fashion overall. Among tie dye and animal prints were a few understated looks that I felt helped bring the collection together. Not everything was a hit, but I appreciated the statement.

Another runway, sharing a love of tie dye paired with snakeskin, chintz, brocade and faux fur, was a bold and funky share from Kim Shui. I liked the colorful opaque tights and the different hem lengths and collars of dresses. It gives the customer lots of options, so fill up that social calendar!

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I’m obsessed with sets. They take the guess work out of an outfit for days I’m rushing or feeling lazy. So I was thrilled to see so many options from Ralph Lauren’s fall season. It was a black, white and gold presentation that was as stylish as it was beautiful. The flagship mansion was turned into Ralph’s cafe for the show and the runway started with a descending staircase. From the runway down to the ambiance, this collection was so fun. Bonus points awarded for the sparkle.

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It was no nonsense at Brandon Maxwell. His inspiration actually came from a illness his family is dealing with. This collection was about refinement and protection that  fashion can offer. Almost colorless save for a couple peridot and fuchsia gowns, there were still plenty of depth in the silhouette and detail. The high collars, over sized pockets and puffy or sleeveless shapes offered a reminder that there is beauty in strength.

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This collection from Tory Burch was inspired by a liberal arts school, Black Mountain College, no longer in operation. But that creative mentality really came through this season. Floral’s were featured, yes for fall, don’t freak out. And the shoes were understated stars, from gold toed and platform boots to metallic strap mules. I think this line showcases fashion’s evolution to breaking standard ideals and replacing them with whatever works. The frilly collars and bishop sleeves were great components as well.

I read an article a few weeks ago that said leopard print is out. In my book, never! It’s always and forever the ultimate print and pattern to accessorize and be fierce. I am female, hear me roar! So I was pleased to see the layers upon layers of leopard print from Adrienne Landau. I loved the balance between bright colors she created pieces in, against the perfect neutral attire. I may even wear bike shorts if they come in a leopard print! Ok, ok, that may be an exaggeration, but the collection was a smash.

Ryan Roche called his collection prairie dressing. It was neutral in it’s color and minimal in concept. Although he did a collaboration with Royal Stag Hats, there was scarcely an accessory to be seen. The collection being stripped back was meant to offer simplicity, but material choices struck me as high maintenance. Being that this is high fashion, I don’t mind, but when I imagine prairie terrain, it invokes the idea of the open frontier, undeveloped land. The elements make me want to dress down, not doll up to the nines like so.

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Always refined and sleek, the fall collection from Taoray Wang did not disappoint. The line offered a perfect silhouette and included soft gray plaids and pinstripes. A pink lined powder blue jacket was a highlight for me. I was also happy to see plenty of blazer dress options, I’ve been trying to hunt one down and there was a great selection in different materials.

Alice + Olivia was held in a gothic revival synagogue that set a dark background for its rainbow collection. The contrast was gorgeous, and do I spy with my little eye a leopard print? Wink wink. The edgy show included velvet and leather pants that will paired wonderfully with sequin slogan tees. And there were plenty of evening wear attire in deep, rich tones for an extra oomph when or if one is feeling moody.

Anna Sui’s retro runway was a star. Amongst a rainbow of brightly colored wigs and tights were plenty of sixties favorites. Tweed dresses, Mary Jane shoes and lots of plaid were just a few highlights.

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Recycled cashmere knits, alpaca jackets and alluring slip dresses were all apart of Zero + Maria Fall presentation. There was a lot of textural play, as most of the ensembles were monochrome. A favorite of mine was a tan corduroy jacket, but I also liked the composure of a geometric knee length dress paired with boot cut pants, a floral blazer set and royal blue jumpsuit. Each piece had a softness to it and paired with its counterparts created a strong statement overall.

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A sensory experience to behold was the nod to 70s glam from Michael Kors. Get your fill of all the best fashion goodies. Snakeskin boots, sparkly frocks, faux fur lined coats and jackets, even Studio 54 logos, the place of places to party. Everything came in the polished MK luxe we adore so much. In these ensembles you don’t have to ask where’s the party, you’re it!


I’m taking a hard pass on these Ugg Eckhaus Latta collaboration open toed furry mules. What are your thoughtsabout New York Fashion Week?

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