2019 Fashion Forecast

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a new year of great fashion, but are you up with the latest trends? If not, here are a few that are expected to be big in 2019. Adding one of two to your own wardrobe will put you right on the latest fashion scene.

Of course layers are especially important in the winter to keep warm, but you can also use them to provide your wardrobe with a fashionable twist. They provide length, depth and color to any ensemble for an extra chic appearance. A popular coat trend so far that’s also expected to continue trending has been the teddy bear coat, a fuzzy faux fur look that will supersize your silhouette. Due to it natural shades in light tan, beige and brown, it’s also a great option for those wishing to achieve an androgynous look.

layers chanel balenciaa prada

faux leather earring courtesy pinterest

Faux leather fabric is going to be very popular, especially by way of accessories. This eco friendly choice has increased in Pinterest searches by over 2,800 percent! I think this would also be a really fun DIY to try.



We at Fashionightmares LOVE sparkles and sequin jumpsuits are definitely going to be a hit in the upcoming year. They are unique, pragmatic and a fun alternative to a party dress. The more colorful, the better.

flickr npeter50



Pleated skirts are so versatile, and in the right fabric, so comfortable. Dressy or casual in a variety of lengths from mini to maxi, this is a multifaceted piece that you will love having in your wardrobe all year long.

popcorn cardigan poshmark



If you love a good cardigan or looking for that fun layering piece, then you might be interested in the popcorn cardigan. The style has already been seen being sold online and in retail shops. A pronounced stitch that resembles popcorn will provide a thick, textural element to amp up basics or add a playful touch to an ensemble. This cardi is also in Pantone’s color of the year: Coral. I love this bright hue when I want a pop of color that’s vivid, but not fluorescent. Keep in mind it will be a great shade to wear through the spring and summer.


Silk and satin tops are making a comeback after fading from the fashion scene in the early 2000s. From long sleeves to camisoles, this fabric will add a touch or luxe and shimmer to your wardrobe. This is a revival we’re excited to have!

silk top

The trend I personally am still on the fence about is the cycler short. I will admit as athleisure they are better than the dreaded yoga short, but I don’t find them as a suitable item to “dress up” or wear to work. If you really, really, really need the addition to your wardrobe, I guess they’d do for an extremely casual event, but personally, I’m not recommending it.

cycler chanel fendi roberto cavalli

Chanel, Fendi & Roberto Cavalli

Which trends would you try or find exciting? Share your thoughts in comments!

Photos courtesy of Google Image, Pinterest, Elle, Insider and Poshmark

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