Paris Fashion Week Spring 2019

Paris fashion is effortless, natural, undone and impossibly cool. As we make our way to the city known for such magnificent sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe, keep in mind that it takes a herculean task to be mentioned in the same group as those sites, and this years Paris fashion week did not disappoint. Get ready for some top quality examples of fashion that will be worthy of being presented in this wonderful city. Some of our favorite and most beloved labels show in the city of light, so let’s take a look. Videos of the shows will be posted soon!

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Yes, yes & yes to Elie Saab. Yes times infinity. This collection had lots of energy and lots of life. Ever alluring, soft, edgy and vivid, there was great contrast throughout the runway. Solid black or white pieces worked seamlessly against red and orange florals, multi-color stripe dresses and even a few leopard print pieces. These are not your mom’s spring floral’s.

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Balenciaga shared an immersive experience of the runway with artist Jon Rafman from Art Basel. The light tunnel changing color throughout the show created a rare ambiance you wouldn’t normally get at a fashion show. High drama and logo prints definitely made this season vanguard.

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Isabel Marant’s bohemian energy was present as ever. I loved that this line is never overly fussy, but still maintains a touch of prettiness, with its frills or ruffles, lace, little touches of this and that. This season had sparkles here and shimmers there, faded pinks, copper, maroon, silver and light blue. There were some western plays with denim and vests paired with plaid, but then showed off its french side with trendy halter and asymmetrical sleeve crop tops paired with leather shorts, and ultra femme rompers. Fashion tip for next season: pair anything with slouchy boots and viola.

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Dance and fashion both speak about the body. That was the focus at Dior’s Spring show. There was lots of easy movement here, from pleated and flared skirts paired with oversized jackets and large sunglasses to exquisitely crafted dresses with cross body bags. The pieces came in just about every material, tulle, silks and macrame, with prints including floral, tie dye and logos. If you want to be the epitome of a French fashion “It girl”, you’d do well to choose Christian Dior.

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Balmain was inspired by Egypt. It was highly creative, with oversized sleeves, metal bodices and mummy-like wrapped dresses. It also included hieroglyph details, distressed muslin, mixed material ensembles including denim and organza, with and sculptural shapes that were excellent. However, the runway felt a bit costume-y at times, which wasn’t really a bad thing, just that some pieces ended up looking like you’d sooner see them in a sci-fi film than among streetwear.

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Victoria + Tomas were the epitome of french fashion. Structured jackets, tassled hems, bold lines and a few standout iridescent dresses will make for an incredible summer wardrobe. Kenzo shared an on point collection. The popular snakeskin pattern of the season was elegantly paired with an array of colors, something that always strikes such impact, at least for me.

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A few that missed the mark for me were Thome Browne, Vivienne Westwood and Issey Miyake. It might be fun to showcase something wild on the runway, but ready to wear should be somewhat applicable to everyday life. Is anyone really jones-ing for an oversized watermelon hat? Asking for a friend…

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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