Milan Fashion Week Spring 2019

It was another successful fashion season in Milan. Not that we should ever expect anything different. Held September 19 to September 23, escape into the complexity and evolution of Milan Fashion Week. Full length show videos will be up shortly to see more of all the splendor.

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Sporty was the name of the game at Byblos. There was a great dress selection and bright separates. Favorites of mine were the jaunty and bright recycle sweaters. Jil Sander hit the mark once again in minimalism. Excellent layering and sensible without lacking a single iota of style. While minimal tastes crave black and white pieces, its still always fun to see a splash of color; especially with great fabric choices, like plisse.

Be still my fashion beating heart, Fendi has finally done it! Lagerfeld says its all about the giant pockets and inspired by streetwear. It was a diverse range of sleek items from sporty to boho in the most breathtaking, fabulous palette. (And the giant pockets worked swimmingly.)

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Mountainscapes, butterflies, swans, rainbows and all other kinds of sweetness was on point at Vivetta. Meanwhile, at Prada, the team created an exquisite mix including eastern motifs and trapeze dresses in satin,  chiffonand cashmere. I’ve seen reviews before saying they don’t get the point to be made, and I don’t think there is a point to get. Its great fashion that speaks for itself. The end.

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Emporio Armani shared a 200 look runway. Maybe a bit overzealous in numbers but still so entertaining as a fashion show. There was spellbinding elocution and high drama from start to finish. It included nods to the 70s, 80s and 90s. The collection started off in neutrals, grays and whites, and moved into navy before adding neon green, royal blue and electric pink. Fun notes included drawstring jackets, fringe collars and a nice dose of sequins!

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There was mindfulness, balance and a touch of wanderlust from Etro’s Spring Ready To Wear. The collection used surf and sport motifs inspired by the Pacific, from California to Hawaii to Japan in warm tones with a variety of shapes for whatever a summer day has in store. Versace was also full of color and hypnotic, although a bit capricious at times. The overall mischievous and amusing nature of the show, however made a good impression.

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Missoni’s iconic gossamer knit was woven into robes, cardigans, kimonos, tank tops, skirts and pants in patterns or plain color. A traveler energy built piece by piece in the collection’s cozy palette. Since the brand celebrated 65 years, this collection was meant to be something special. Dare I say it was, for the win.

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A few other favorites from Milan included Tods, a sleek coed collection in rustic colors and Ultrachic was cheerful, happy go lucky and of course, very chic.

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