London Fashion Week Spring 2019


We leave from NYC and all of its glamour to jump across the pond to London Fashion Week which was hosted September 14 to September 17. It’s sometimes easy to forget the elegant ease of London and all the wonder it really brings during fashion week. After all, we always hear about the Royals and Big Ben and other famous landmarks around London. But what tends to get lost in the shuffle is the unique style the city has. This fashion week didn’t disappoint on reminding us of just that. Join me as I review the great new looks for spring and enjoy all the full length videos from the shows!

Amanda Wakeley shared a safari inspired collection, a palette full of olives, cream and tan and accessories made of sheared kangaroo. That was a noted feature, though I’m not sure as to why. She will also have a 6 month pop up in Bicaster Village. Ashley Williams gave a shout out to the 80’s while Anya Hindmarch hosted a non runway with the largest bean bag, “the cloud” at Westminster Banquet House. It’s purpose was for patrons could talk and rest. But at one point a guest was photographed reading Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, so it was an ambiguous show to say the least. I recall completing circle time reading back in the second grade.


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Ports 1961 was full of ropes and ties, a nod to the nautical? It was unclear. The macrame and tiger print were fun touches to the collection though. Jenny Packham celebrated 30 years by highlighting the best of old Hollywood while Peter Pilotto shared influences of Polynesia. There was vibrancy and spirit, though a bit overwhelming at times, but had excellent shape. Form has played a large part in fashion this go around, which has been pleasant to see.


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Victoria Beckham had the perfect spring collection with splashes of color and distinguished form. The ensembles were breezy, ever posh (pun intended) and will whisk you away to long summer days. Preen by Thorton Bregazzi was nomadic…and a bit haphazard. Some shapes were better than others. The attitude was prominent however, throughout nylon, lame and frilly floral material choices, and that’s all I can ask.


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Shrimps brought its signature faux fur and created a charming motif complete with daffodils, which are significant to the designers and needlework bags that were delightful. Pringle of Scotland, known for their amazing knits , was really charming this season. I especially loved the block coloring and how the pieces all mixed and matched with each other. It really leaves one with endless possibilities of dress. Burberry was fairly lowkey, although a large debut, with 135 looks. Classic and luxurious notes were hit without missing a beat, the iconic plaid attire were some of my favorites.


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What are your thoughts from London Fashion Week? Share in the comments, and stay tuned as we head to Milan next!

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