Hanging vs. Folding In Your Closet

You want your clothes to last as long as possible, and how items are stored can have a lot of impact on them. Some garments look their best when hung on hangers while others benefit from being folded. Here is a quick guide on what is best for certain items, and hopefully this guide will help make the most out of closet space, while extending the life of your favorite pieces!

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What to hang:


Blouses & Button downs




Shirts and blouses made from linen, rayon and 100% cotton will stay wrinkle free when hung on hangers. Padded hangers are a good option for silks, satins, velvet, chiffon and taffeta.

Jackets, overcoats, suit jackets and blazers, as well as skirts and trousers hang well on rods of wooden hangers or by clip/clamp hangers. For bars, layer a piece of fabric, like felt or velvet, even an old tshirt, so clothing doesn’t become damaged over time.

Sweaters can be folded or draped over a bar of a wood hanger with a piece of tissue paper in between.

Dresses and jumpsuits can be hung. Evening gowns however, depending on heaviness of fabric and embellishments can be distorted. Carefully fold them in tissue paper and store in a cool, dry place.

Don’t cut the loops off daydresses, they’re meant to hang the garment by! This will help reduce stretching in the shoulder.

Keep top button on blouses closed when hanging a buttondown to keep collar intact.

*Avoid wire hangers if possible. They can distort natural shape of clothing and leave unsightly markings where they dented the fibers.

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What to fold:

Knitwear & Sweaters



Khaki’s & Cargos

Evening gowns


Scarves can be folded or hung. If hung, fold in half and hang them over the flat edge of a hanger.

Hangers will stretch out t-shirt collars, so keep them folded and stored in a drawer.

Knitwear generally will not wrinkle when folded. Just remember to air out wools.

Pants like jeans, corduroy, khakis and cargo are made of durable fabrics that tend not to wrinkle. They can be hung, but its not necessary. Do what’s best for utilizing your closet space.


Information from Martha Stewart Living, Oct 2000

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