Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018

Milan Fashion Week concluded February 25. We were treated to bold and glamorous designs- including a guest appearance by American designer, Tommy Hilfiger. I was discussing with a friend how Milan is so articulate in and with their fashion. After all, “Made in Italy” are the most luxurious words one can read on a label. It’s what everyone seems to clamors after. But at the height of fashion, instead of begging to be seen by onlookers, Italian brands hold such composure. The fashion is not just lusted after, but comprehensive without austerity. Everyone is welcome, but if you miss it you miss it, hope to see you next time. Something about this calm attitude in the commotion of fashion month is so appealing, intended or not.

With that being said however, I found Moschino to be insensitive at best and asinine at worst. I felt the Jackie O inspired collection was poorly executed. There are better ways to show appreciation and admiration of the former first lady. Specifically, why recreate an outfit in which she witnessed her husband and one of our great leaders assassination? It was just plain offensive.


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Annakiki had an odd choice of make up, using neon shades of lipsticks in all kinds of colors. It was fun for the runway, but is anyone anxious to wear green lipstick?

There was alot to see at Gucci. There was also a disturbing beginning as a purposely paled faced model walked down the runway with a replica of her own head. Through many cultural and era refrences, Alessandro Michele said that we decide who we want to be. If you take the time to break down each ensemble there are some treasures to be found. But from a glance its dizzying and with nowhere in particular to focus I don’t focus on anything at all. I can only imagine the panic I would have felt if I had been sitting in the audience. I understand Gucci has a large amount of creative energy and maybe even more to say, but I can’t keep up and I wasn’t that interested in the first place.

With that off my chest, we can continue with better topics, like among the anorak jackets, wedge boots, suede, shearling and leather from Tod’s were the most adorable puppies.

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We saw many maximalist styles in Milan. I like the anything goes attitude. There’s definitely big personality and its far from redundant. I think the messiness of it is what draws me in. I’ve found myself in numerous creative ruts the last few months and maximalism is what currently speaks to me the most.

Left to right clockwise: Jil Sander, Fendi, Max Mara & Angel Chen

While it was a little more sporadic for the upcoming season, I still enjoyed the minimalist looks that were featured.


Ultraviolet also making an appearance at Milan Fashion Week at Marni!

Statement hair accessories were a trend. The bold drama they brought to the runway were a very feminine touch. If you aren’t feeling the glitzy headdress, you can just wear oversized earrings for a dose of glam that is less overwhelming.

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The color palette and its contrast from Giorgio Armani was so striking. Intricate fabrics, oversized fur hats and watercolor patterns were all apart of the 96 piece runaway. Separates, sports jackets and dresses in shades of pink, purple, navy and black were the prominent colors, but there were some pastel shades included. Bubble skirts, fur teal sashes and chunky layers of jewelry were fun details that complemented the attire. There were numerous menswear styles including abstract pattered jackets and suits in velvet. The materials were superb, as expected, but those vivid color choices equally carried their weight and were unexpectedly pleasing.

Ermanno Scervino was polished, graceful and best of all wearable. Again we see tartan as a big component like at previous fashion weeks. I love the streamlined edge this brand has. The lighter and darker color contrasts, exquisite tailoring and playfulness with proportions made for some great fashion. I definitely am taking some style notes for the fall from this collection.

Left to right clockwise is Sportsmax, Stella Jean, Prada & Marni

A favorite trend was the sport inspired pieces in all kind of bright hues.

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Other styles from Milan fashion week.

Photos courtesy of Vogue, WWD, InStyle & The Cut

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