New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 Pt. 2

Continuing with a New York Fashion Week review, its crazy to think Paris Fashion Week has already begun! But before we head over to the City of Lights, there are more highlights and lowlights to talk about from the Big Apple. And don’t forget to keep tuning in for new full length show videos!


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Prabal Gurung blended cultures in an uplifting manner. I loved the intricate prints, and this season was very on trend. I have a piece I’m working on for the trends page and you’ll be seeing some of these styles that will be very popular this fall!


Outside a few sleek pieces, Zimmermann was kind of lost on me in the sea of beige. I wasn’t feeling the fringe and frills or the waist corsets featured on a number of ensembles. Victorian equestrian was a noted inspiration, in hunting jackets, riding boots and flouncy tops that I also didn’t find too inspiring, but I did love those Juliet shoulder sleeves. I hope we start to see more of those bold sleeved tops around the runway.


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There were similar boho styles to Zimmermann at Anna Sui, although thankfully this line was a rainbow of colors. It was pretty heavy on the prints, but the styles retained some sensibility. The orange dress with black lace paired with the logo hat and scarf was pretty cool since the scarf and dress matched in length. The blue floral jacket and dress with the solid blue scarf was another chic choice, though I might have paired it with simple black tights and omit the extra dose of floral.


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Derek Lam also noted equestrian, like Zimmermann and Anna Sui, although this line carried a much more refined color palette with a simpler vision. An embroidered silk turtleneck against rich emerald suede, a belted purple trench, graphic patterns and giant bucket bags created a refined bohemian collection.


Its hard not to love a Carolina Herrera dress, and these were extra special, with them being the last as she has her understudy, Wes Gordon take over the brand. This fall season started with her classic black and white styles with some sharp contrasts, like half fur sleeves. I loved the dramatic cat print dress and sweeping silk ball gown best, but there were plenty of dresses as heartwarming as they were sentimental to the powerful style Carolina creates.


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Inspired by french streetwear and rock ‘n’ roll, Zadig + Voltaire celebrated 20 years. Mixing mini and oversized shapes, ranging from leather overalls to boxy blazers the message was simple and concise. Great fashion doesn’t have to be messy, and the best accessory is confidence.


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The diverse range from Rosie Assoulin kept you guessing at what fun style would follow the last. Voluminous amd colorful daywear show included bright dresses, roomy jumpsuits and trousers and a few coordinating sets in a rainbow stripe. There were even some basics like flared jeans, hoodies and sweatpants. Vogue even noted the marbled looks were reversible, which is such a cool extra for our wardrobes.


Velvet isn’t going anywhere according to Vivienne Hu, which made me very happy. I haven’t dived into wearing the material much, but I’ve loved seeing it pop up more and more. The color scheme of deep greens, amber oranges with maroon reds and canary yellows were very warm and inviting with a little bit of moodiness. The line was inspired by her Chinese heritage, in particular the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, caves that have cultural and historical significance, being a place of significance during use of the Silk Road. Hu’s design team took a trip there in summer of 2017 and captured a really unique essence.


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Vivienne Tam was inspired by a spirited journey to the Himalayas. The layers,  textures and colors showcased the regions cultured very well. There was an emphasis on materials, everything from nylon, corduroy, shearling and lace made an appearance. Chunky outerwear, pleated skirts and Mongolian lamb bags also appeared in addition to fur hats and fleece vests had me wishing for cooler days just to bundle up and head into the mountains. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but this was a collection I’d at least play dress up in.


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Composed and flirty, this was the boldest Michael Kors collection I’ve seen. It was eclectic but streamlined, and very captivating. I loved the use of primary colors in the plaids, the mixing of prints, that matching leopard print scarf and sweater was amazing and I think the choice of a gray tone over the normal brown/black combination was really standout. It might be menswear, but I’d wear it anyway. But you know what the best part of the show was? That it was set to The Sound of Music soundtrack! When I was little, we’d always watch that movie at my grandparents house. They had a really long winding driveway that my sisters and I would skip down singing I Have Confidence, then run back up towards the house like Julie Andrews when she arrived at the von Trapps. I even played These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things at a piano recital and sang the solo of Edelweiss at a school concert. Alright, I’ll wrap up the gushing, but I found the show inspiring and all the memories it jogged were priceless. This was what fashion is about. This is fashion that makes you feel good. That makes you want to get up in the morning, just to get dressed. And it won’t hurt a single soul that it looks good either.


Photos courtesy of Vogue and WWD

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