Highlights From Tokyo Fashion Week


Tokyo Fashion Week was held October 16-20. Tokyo is a strong fashion scene, almost as popular for the endless inspiration of street style, let alone all the runways have to offer. The perfectionist level of layers is not just an art, but a showcase of the city’s traditions and acute sense of trend. Sharing spring and summer collections was only the beginning. Exhibitions were also held after runways in addition to other events regarding fashion, either by invitation or to General Audience, which I thought was a great way to share brands and continue stimulating customers to fresh picks in fashion. Check out some of my favorite highlights.


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Akiko Aoki’s collection had deconstructed, multiple layered outfits; some in a monotone scheme, some with pops of color. There were corseted floral dresses, rope fringe details, careful deconstruction, lace, ruching and sheer that wasn’t over the top. I thought it was very on trend; with purposely unrefined style that has become so popular in fashion all over the world.



Neon shades and bright contrasting colors from Meiking captured my attention. This was such a lively collection that is perfect for warm spring day and long summer nights.


In weaving, the basic purpose of the loom is to hold warped threads. In knitting, the basic structure contains multiple loops of yarn. Looming and looping are fundamentals in knitting textiles. LoomLoop is a brand focusing on materials, adding value through integrating those intricate techniques. The brand also uses Canton silk, a traditional fabric that requires a high degree of craftsmanship, in its collection extensively. Its was another colorful line with detailed silhouettes I considered great.

banana chips

The colorful kids line Bananachips was a cute presentation that deserved a shoutout.


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Using traditional kimono techniques, the concepts at Fortuna are tradition, fashion and craftsmanship. The collection was contemporary, no nonsense and dapper. I thought the most fashion forward item was the hooded peacoat, what do you think? The brand is also supported and chosen for Cool Japan Marketing Project, a project that promotes the nation’s creativity-based industries at home and overseas.


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Established in 2014 after working for Alexander McQueen, the Eliza Winkler brand was born. While intense in its few wild creations, overall I found this runway moody and inspiring. Where it lost me at what I call the big bird gown, there were sharper and sleeker designs with just that right amount of edge that I really love in my own style. I will definitely keep my eye on this brand. I am unsure of how many countries its sold in, but maybe a trip to Japan will do the trick!



Paradox Tokyo (above) and Muze were both sloppy, grunge collections that I couldn’t even find an individual item I liked. I didn’t understand the concept or purpose to these presentations. Maybe if I had an idea of what the designers were going for I would have a different point of view, but it was left to my own interpretation and my conclusion is that they were disappointing.


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Fashion Hong Kong, Harrison Wong & Heaven Please were some standout brands. Heaven Please had lightly deconstructed shape while Harrison Wong went for futuristic minimalism. These collections brought fresh, contemporary style to the runways of Tokyo Fashion Week.


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Viviano Sue was an ultra feminine, dreamy collection. In a pastel color palette came a nod to sport in delicate floral patterns and silk as well as sharper contrast pieces that still held to the bohemian style of it counterparts in ruffles, cutout sleeves and looser shape.


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The 70s inspired runway at Keisukey Yoshida was a fun change of pace to see from the shows. The attire was still streamlined and cool, with banded dresses, lace accessorized bell bottoms and a cutout jacket.

thong jeans harpers bazaar

You might have already seen this because its the the worst trend fashion has ever seen, but these are the “Thong Jeans.” These…pants, for lack of a better term, serve next to no purpose and lack in modesty. They are not trendy or even the slightest bit fashionable. Trust me when I say you don’t want to see the back of these.

photos courtesy of Tokyo Fashion Week Online and Fox

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