Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018 Pt. 2

Our trip to Milan continues with Part 2 of my review of Fashion Week. Much like a trip through the countryside, there are many colors, shades and interesting aspects that catch the eye. However, just as any trip that you take, there are some bumps on the road. Some of them are bumps that can be put up with and others you hope will be fixed but you know never will. So enjoy the rest of this trip as we tour the remainder of Milan Fashion Week.

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The Giorgio Armani collection was lustrous and colorful. The floral patterns and sleek metallics were mesmerizing. Every look had some pop of color and a fun accent accessory that made this collection a touch of optimism and whimsy. He said about his line, “I don’t see the point in showing sad women on the runway…just because it’s a sad moment, there’s no reason to do this.”

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I wanted to show every look from Versace, all 75. The print, the shapes, the line of the clothes was so striking. It was the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death, and Donatella honored him beautifully. Most of the line was in classic Versace prints, though towards the end of the collection there was more of a pop art print in bright colors and a Vogue cover collage. Though the color was a lot, a few ensembles were dressed down with black that made them seem more wearable.

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I wasn’t all that impressed initially by the Salvatore Ferragamo runway, however about 30 looks in, there were finally some nice dresses that closed out the show shown above.

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It was floral overkill at Marni. Again, and especially with when it comes to print, less can be more.

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I was also disappointed by Missoni, a collection I usually look forward to, just fell flat. A Men’s and Women’s collection made for a cluttered, chaotic runway, and at that the styles put together just failed to make a statement.

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After seeing so many wild collections shown in Milan, it was nice to catch my breath at Trussardi, where classic met sensible.

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Au Jour le Jour also had a cohesive vision of practicality. It was a streamlined, nicely presented line, at least one that didn’t have me racking my brain to visualize beyond the realm of runways and fashion week.

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The Stella Jean runway was inspired by South America. The a color palette immediately drew me in and found balance in traditional pragmatic cuts. Whether a matching embroidered top and skirt, a tropical fish print dress or a funky tiered skirt stabilized by chambray, the runway was fearless and creative.


Photos courtesy of WWD & Vogue

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