Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018 Pt. 1

The third installment of fashion month took place over the course of a week on September 20 in Milan. Not that anyone needs an excuse to visit Milan, but it says right on the Milan Travel guide the best time to visit is September/October. Not only are you escaping the cities peak season, but also hot temperatures. As the summer season winds down, these shows have us still wishing for those days and giving us a taste of next spring’s fashion: The Italian Way. Here are a few highlights.

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Gucci: The fashionista’s anti fashion fashion. Confused? Me too. Not the most coherent of collections. There’s so much on the runway its hard to keep track, it’s hard to see a vision. Less can be more.

Fendi failed to capture my attention this season. There was too much sheer and a weird plastic material, yet somehow still felt stuffy.

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Byblos used the primary colors as a base for this line and the effortless presentation really held its own.

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Vivetta Ponti collaborated with Russian painter Audrey Remnev for the season. Vivetta is very surreal in its ideal and while some looks were too frilly for me, I appreciated the 60s silhouettes and sweet appliqués.

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Max Mara was pretty uniform with many looks in classic color palettes of black, gray and beige. There was use of a delicate floral pattern that elevated this upcoming season’s  collection, used perfectly for spring.

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There was far too much see through sheer at Blumarine, which was disappointing because these black and white pieces shown had such incredible shape and movement that I would have loved to see more of.

Uncomplicated with an easy chicness seemed to be the goal at Tod’s. The snakeskin print added an art deco touch completed by tassled moccasins and french tied scarves.

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Prada used comic prints through most of the line and freestanding, like on a coat, it was pretty cool. But many ensembles clashed with multiple mixes of prints complete with a creepy spider design to torment me in my dreams.

Lucio Vanotti is a relatively new collection, he worked under Armani until he founded his own label in 2012. It wasn’t until last year that he had a breakthrough. Simplified and spontaneous, I enjoyed the straightforward color palette and length on many of the outfits.

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I love high functionality, clothes that move and Sportsmax gave me just that. There was even a yoga pant on this runway! I liked the contrast piping and colors that gave simplified styles a touch of elegance.

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Optimistic, sporty and refreshing, Bottega Venetta also had a great collection full of fluid and free moving pieces. I loved the dusty pink color used through most of the presentation, although I could have done without that chartreuse color that pop in near the end of the show.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Milan Fashion Week shortly.

Photos courtesy of The Cut, WWD & Vogue

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