Men’s Fashion Week SS 18

While many labels are planning on combining their mens’s and women’s runways shortly and the man bag and short shorts are still absurd trends being pushed for men, there were plenty of fresh styles and concepts shared at Men’s Fashion Weeks from London, Milan and Paris.

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On the Versace runway, their 1978 curvilinear logo typeface was revived. I like that the shape of the letters had a rounded appearance instead of a flat font. I also really liked that non traditional models walked to celebrate their 40th anniversary,

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The color palette from Armani was impeccable and so refined.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 1.22.27 PM

Rick Owens had a focus on suit jackets, abnormal for this avant grade designer, saying, “I want us to be more polite, more modest,” a notion I sincerely appreciate.

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The Wales Bonner runway had a good mix of casual and business looks, each with its own touch of summer, whether it be the material, cut of sleeve length or color, the designs were begging to tell a ‘what I did this summer’ story.

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Wilder collections that I felt missed the mark included Craig Green, Commes des Garcons, Charles Jeffery Loverly and Vivienne Westwood. Each had a lot going on that just felt distracting and the styles didn’t pick up any slack. It was difficult to imagine some of the items as wearable even if they’d been assembled differently.

moncler gamme bleu gingham good bc it will transition until colder fall moths

A model for Moncler Gammer Bleu

Gingham will be a good transitional pattern to wear thought the fall because it looks similar to plaid.

dior graphic

A Model for Dior

Graphic printed tees are always a popular men’s fashion, but they’ve gotten an upgrade, expanding to button-down tops, jackets, even pants.

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While I can appreciate the potential need for a man to have a satchel of some sort, it doesn’t seem to be a trend that carries into reality. On the other hand, while shorts for men have been considered a beach only option, they were of every length and style on almost every runway. Slightly above or below knee length is the best option.

mixmatch lanvin


Mix match patterns will be a popular styling technique we’ll see lots of. Mix small graphics and muted tones to allow for better overall composition.

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Though corduroy will have its moment this fall and Salvatore Ferragamo is making its case now in the form of polished shorts, I do raise an eyebrow at the heavy winter fabric for mid summer use. Lighter fabric like linen would naturally be a better, breathable choice. Don’t forget easy athleisure like from Balenciaga or the power or monochrome attire like so from Berluti.


Photos courtesy of New York Times, The Guardian, WWD & GQ


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