5 Designers From Australia Fashion Week

australia fashion week

Australia Fashion Week was held in Sydney May 14-19. Color and creativity claimed the runways. there were a number of presentations collected and these are just a few that caught my eye.

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Anna Quan is a brand that believes everyday wear should be special. The subtle details, like red piping and tie back tops caught my attention as well as the great fit and easy movement even though the pieces were well structured.

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A brand that believes in aspirational yet achievable fashion did so on their runway. These designs had Vibrant color combinations, lustrous fabrics and contoured figuration. I really liked that Bec & Bridge covered a spectrum of dress from casual to dressy, I think that is good for viewers of the runway to see that for whatever occasion, there is something available to them.

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One of the most sophisticated lines from Australia was Bianca Spender. The fabrics were draped with ease and there was such fluid movement that was both fierce and feminine.

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KITX (pronounced Kit x) is a ready to wear label that represents the spirit of kindness, integrity and transparency. The x stands for the future. Founder Kit Willow strives to be a sustainable and ethical brand. She said that the brand creates products with high frequency wear, superior quality and creative design that consciously sources materials to minimize harm on the planets resources, also stating that she believes in a better world through a simple mantra of making women look and feel beautiful.

I like this mission statement, and it was great to hear about a brand actively working on being sustainable. One of the first articles I read about Australia Fashion Week was that one of the major discussions at this event was brands needing to embrace sustainability. Kelly Elkin of Clean Cut Fashion talked about how just five years ago, it wasn’t even a concern. About twenty percent of fabric per meter used in making shoe or clothes is wasted and dyes being used have damaging effects on the environment in addition to blended fabrics like cotton and elastane make clothes impossible to recycle and repurpose. Its good to know that there are conscious and responsible brands working toward better ethos.

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The contemporary and stylish runway from Mariam Seddiq was a favorite. The patterns and embellishments really made the pieces stand out. This line was exceptional in its mix of high fashion and sportswear.

yahoo style 2017

The weirdest trend I saw were multiple swim lines saying that arm floaties are trendy. I guess they are a good idea if you can’t swim, but they seem pretty childish otherwise.

Photos courtesy of Australia Fashion Week and Yahoo Style

*Sustainability quote from ABC Online

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