Paris Fashion Week

Fashion month has come to an end, and what a fitting place for the final stop to be than in Paris. Although my reviews are mixed on the actual shows themselves, Paris always gives you hope that the shows will be as spectacular as the city itself. Whether or not the shows lived up to the glamour of Paris or not is open for debate, but it always is something to anticipate. Here is the wrap-up of this years Paris fashion week.

Balmain had a cohesive bohemian collection that had layers in suede, mohair, shearling and legging boots to accent.

I liked the rich berry color that dominated the runway at Elie Saab.

Other fresh styles from Lemaire, Haider Ackermann, Isabel Marant, Chloe, Christian Wijnants, Louis Vuitton and Masha Ma.

Paco Rabanne used chainmail as a statement fabric. It looks lightweight, I’d probably try a skirt, what about you?

Lanvin’s Bouchra Jarrar said her mission was to blend tenderness and force of materials that represented modern women. The delicate fabric was breezy and pleasant.

Rick Owens & Commes de Garcons had extremely abstract runways that were peculiar and confusing to say the least.

Although in the popular color of this season, the Undercover runway was another spectacle.

Aalto had both streamlined and so so looks. The cropped cape and pinstripes were really chic, but the removable fur panels against heavily printed knits and patchwork like suits didn’t strike me as an odd contrast, and as a result, made the runway trail off into nowhere.

Leislore Frowijn is a dutch designer that loves the juxtaposition of sportswear and luxury. I thought the color and pattern duo on most of the clothes made it a little busy and hard for the eye to follow, but the gold accents in the gloves and collars were really unique.

Runways like Kenzo are using a lot of brighter colors for their fall collections that is a really cool alternative to darker colors for winter months.

Mugler had a futuristic, space collection with lots of metallics, strong shoulders and Star Trek inspired gear. I like the strappy jumpsuits, belted waistlines and sheer sleeves under sleeveless jackets.

Givenchy was in red being the color of the runway. The entire collection had different red ensembles. Even though I like these looks, I dot think I’d walk out of the house in an entire red outfit, but the matching belt and pants would look good with a white or black tee and different color shoes.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the frumpy dresses and askew draped attire from Moon Young Hee.

Dries van Noten celebrated their 30th anniversary with loud mixed prints.

Valentino presented a lot of Victorian style dresses ranging all across the color spectrum from deep black to pastel blue.

A brand that I hadn’t heard of before whose presentation I really enjoyed was Andrew Gn. It was dramatic in pattern, sleek in cut and moody in color. This collection was fun to see and definitely one I’ll keep my eye on.

So, another Paris fashion week comes to a close. Much like the city itself, we saw vibrant colors, many layers and very different styles everywhere you looked. Whether you loved or just liked or even disliked the lines in this year’s show, Paris fashion week always results in great discussion about fashion that never dissapoints.


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