New York Fashion Week 2017


Fashion month is underway, and New York brought a lot to the table. However, a few shows went to LA, like Tommy Hilfiger and Rebecca Minkoff. There has been discussion about fashion week being dead, that changes in the coming seasons are to be expected as designers tie social media into selling clothes. There has already been a shift, some designers have chosen a see-now, buy-now schedule over an excessive runway. Instead of using professional models at the Rebecca Minkoff show, she used popular social media influencers. ‘”They have strong and dedicated followings”, she said. “What better way to get the customer excited than to have their favorite influencer walk the runway?”‘[1]


It’s an interesting approach that definitely shows acceptance from the fashion industry, which has been outspoken about the lack of credibility social media has as a platform. A following is attractive to a designer or company to reach a large audience and maybe a different demographic they otherwise wouldn’t reach, but social media influencers sometimes come off as glorified fashionistas and shoppers, not that they have any knowledge of fashion. It’s not that they don’t have expertise, but in the chaos of social media, it easily gets lost.

But back to NYC, the runways were pretty strong.

My favorite collection was from Pamella Roland. It was colorful and sparkly, interesting me in details I normally don’t like. For example, the first two gowns have huge slits, but they are toned down with a mesh insert and pair of tights. Those small additions tone down the leg and enable other open or sheer elements, because their isn’t a large and direct amount of skin. I also liked the way she used feathers that were short and blended into the dress (in the third image).

The all black runway from Alexander Wang had some pretty pieces that were kept fresh in their monochromatic color with layers and accents of mesh, rhinestones and even chain mail tees.

While Calvin Klein is known for sensual American minimalism, this year’s runway looked very androgynous. Even though the styles look good, it could have been a man or woman in any of the outfits, and it just surprised me to see that from such a popular design house.

Luxurious metallics dominated the Christian Soriano runway, and they were absolutely breathtaking

Carolina Herrera’s line was very crisp and streamlined, she told Vogue, “It’s a very uncomplicated silhouette. To me, the less complicated, the more modern, Sometimes, when things are too complicated, they belong in the circus.” [2] I really liked the playfulness of the line amidst its classic silhouette. Everything had a refined ease to it that moved well.

High fashion and old Hollywood glamour were infused in every ensemble on the Badgley Mischka runway.

Other lines that had classic looks and daring colors include Narsico Rodriguez, Victoria Beckham, Alice+Olivia, The Row and Oscar de la Renta (clockwise from top left).

[1] Is New York Fashion Week Dead?, Arati Patel,, 9 Feb 2017

[2] Nick Remsen, Vogue, 13 Feb 2017

photos courtesy of Vogue

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